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ROCK is a distribution build kit, or in other words, a software development toolkit for building OS solutions. You can configure your personal build of ROCK and easily build your own distribution directly from source code. Most of the ROCK Linux development is done on ix86 hardware, But ROCK Linux also supports the Alpha AXP, PowerPC, Sparc32/Sparc64 and MIPS architectures.

ROCK是一份发行开发工具包,或者说,它是面向创建操作系统解决方案的软件开发工具箱。你可以配置你自己的ROCK生成版,并且可以容易地直接从源代码创建你自己的发行。ROCK Linux的开发工作大部分是基于ix86硬件平台完成的,但是,ROCK Linux也支持Alpha AXP、PowerPC、Sparc32/Sparc64及MIPS体系结构。


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