rPath Linux

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rPath Linux is a Linux distribution built with the new Conary distributed software management system. Conary is designed, based on many years of Linux software packaging and distribution development experience, to automate many of the tasks that have made it difficult to build Linux distributions. rPath's mission is to provide system software that is easily tailored to suit unique application needs. rPath Linux, built with the Conary distributed software management system, is not only a distribution in its own right, but also a base technology explicitly designed to enable you to create purpose-built operating system images using the rBuilder Online technology.

rPath Linux是采用新的Conary分布式软件管理系统构造的Linux发行。Conary则是基于多年的Linux软件打包和发行版开发经验而设计,以将创建Linux发行中的多种复杂任务进行自动化处理。rPath的宗旨是提供系统软件以能方便地被修改为适合独特的应用需求。rPath Linux采用Conary分布式软件管理系统而构建,除自身作为一份发行外,它还是一项被明确设计为允许用户使用rBuilder Online技术面向特定目标创造操作系统镜像的基础架构。


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