Securepoint Firewall & VPN Server

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Securepoint Security Solutions offers a full-featured suite of firewall tools designed for enterprisewide deployment. Not only can it protect an internal network from outside attacks, it also helps segregate parts of your internal network and define custom protection rules for each. Securepoint lets you create and manage VPN tunnels for remote users and define traffic filters, reports, and alerts for your entire network. Securepoint Freeware is a very secure and free firewall solution for protecting your internet gateway. Securepoint can as well be used with existing firewalls and to protect interconnected locations or divisions.

Securepoint Security Solutions面向企业级应用提供充满特性的防火墙工具套装。它不但保护内部网络免受外界的攻击,还能对你的内部网进行区域划分并为各部分提供定制的保护规则。Securepoint让你为远程用户创建和管理虚拟专用网隧道,定义网络业务量过滤规则和报表,并为你的整套网络进行预警。 Securepoint Freeware是一份非常安全并且免费的防火墙解决方案,它能保护你的互联网网关。Securepoint也能与已有的防火墙并用,以保护相互连接的场所或区域。


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