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Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a Linux feature that provides a variety of security policies, including U.S. Department of Defense style mandatory access controls, through the use of Linux Security Modules (LSM) in the Linux kernel. It is not a Linux distribution, but rather a set of modifications that can be applied to Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux and BSD. Its architecture strives to streamline the volume of software charged with security policy enforcement, which is closely aligned with the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC, referred to as Orange Book) requirement for trusted computing base (TCB) minimization (applicable to evaluation classes B3 and A1) but is quite unrelated to the least privilege requirement (B2, B3, A1) as is often claimed.The germinal concepts underlying SELinux can be traced to several earlier projects by the U.S. National Security Agency.

SELinux 是 2.6 版本的 Linux 内核中提供的强制访问控制 (MAC)系统。对于目前可用的 Linux 安全模块来说,SELinux 是功能最全面,而且测试最充分的,它是在 20 年的 MAC 研究基础上建立的。SELinux 在类型强制服务器中合并了多级安全性或一种可选的多类策略,并采用了基于角色的访问控制概念。大部分使用 SELinux 的人使用的都是 SELinux 就绪的发行版,例如 Fedora、Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)、Debian 或 Gentoo。它们都是在内核中启用 SELinux 的,并且提供一个可定制的安全策略,还提供很多用户层的库和工具,它们都可以使用 SELinux 的功能。


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