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Shift Linux is a project that was created by the Neowin community. Based on Ubuntu, it has access to all of the software and applications as other Ubuntu-based distributions. Neowin's Shift Linux is designed to give the user an experience of being part of the Neowin community and to have a simple, easy-to-use live CD that can be installed to a hard drive. Shift is a free distribution released under the General Public License. It can be freely distributed or modified.

Shift Linux是由Neowin社团创建的项目。它基于Ubuntu,并包含像其他Ubuntu发行一样的所有软件和应用。Neowin的Shift Linux被设计为要向用户提供“属于Neowin社团一部分”的这样一种体验,并提供一张简单、易于使用的自启动运行光盘,它同时也能安装到硬盘上。 Shift是基于公用许可证发布的免费发行。它可以被自由地发布或修改。


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