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Skolelinux is the Debian-edu project's Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) in development. It is aiming to provide an out-of-the-box localised environment tailored for schools and universities. The out-of-the-box environment comes with 75 applications aimed at schools, as well as 15 network services pre-configured for a school environment. The simple, three-question installation requires minimal technical knowledge. Skolelinux is Debian, which means, among other things, that there are no license costs or worries, and that upgrade and maintenance of the software can be done over the Internet with the power of Debian's apt-get. The core goals of Skolelinux are localisation and ease of system administration.

Skolelinux是Debian-edu项目开发中的Custom Debian Distribution(CDD)。它的目标是为中学和大学提供一份超平常的本地化环境。伴随所谓的超平常环境而来的是75个面向学校的应用程序,以及为学校环境而预先定制好的15个网络服务。它提供一套简单的、三个询问式的安装过程,并且这只需要最低限度的技术知识。Skolelinux仍然是 Debian,这意味着,如同Debian一样,Skolelinux不需要花费许可证费用或类似的担心,并且软件的升级和维护可以依靠Debian的 apt-get的力量,通过Internet来完成。Skolelinux的核心目标是本地化,以及系统管理的易用性。


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