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SLAMPP is a Linux distribution which can boot and run directly from a CD-ROM, with possibility to be installed onto hard disk. It is designed to be used as an instant home server. Just like other Linux live CDs, SLAMPP makes it possible to test Linux without messing up the user's existing system. What makes SLAMPP different is the fact that it comes with pre-configured tools and applications that turn a personal computer into a home server. SLAMPP is built using SLAX as its base and Slackware Linux for packages.

SLAMPP是一份能直接从光盘驱动器启动和运行的Linux发行,它也可以被安装到硬盘上。它被设计为作为一份即时可用的家庭服务器。与其他的自启动运行光盘一样,SLAMPP能够试运行Linux,而不会影响用户现有的系统。SLAMPP的独特之处在于,它带有了预先配置的工具及应用软件,它们可以把一台个人电脑转变为一台家庭服务器。SLAMPP基于SLAX创建,并采用了Slackware Linux的软件包


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