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SME Server (known as e-smith at the time) was founded in January 1999 by Joseph and Kim Morrison. The company introduced the first version of its flagship software product, the e-smith server and gateway, in April 1999. By the end of the year, many thousands of e-smith servers were running in countries from Fiji to Finland. Word was spreading quickly among developers and systems integrators who needed a solid, easy-to-use server for their small-business customers. In July 2001, e-smith was acquired by Mitel Networks, in September 2004 by Lycoris, and the project is currently sponsored by Resource Strategies, Inc.

ME Server(最初叫作e-smith)由Joseph和Kim Morrison创立于1999年1月。同年4月公司推出了他们旗舰软件产品的首个版本: e-smith服务器及网关。到年底时,已经有数千的e-smith服务器运行在从斐济到芬兰的各个国家。关于e-smith的消息很快地流传在开发人员和系统集成人员中,而他们需要的正是面向小型企业用户的牢固易用的服务器。2001年7月,e-smith公司被Mitel Networks收购,2004年9月又被Lycoris收购,并且该项目目前还得到了Resource Strategies公司的赞助。


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