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SmoothWall is a family of Internet security products, designed to defend your users and your network from external attacks. SmoothWall Express is based on the Linux operating system. Linux is the ideal choice for security systems; it is well proven, secure, highly configurable and freely available as open source code. SmoothWall includes a hardened subset of the GNU/Linux operating system, so there is no separate OS to install. Designed for ease of use, SmoothWall is configured via a web-based GUI, and requires absolutely no knowledge of Linux to install or use.

SmoothWall 是一系列的Internet安全产品,它被设计用来保护你的用户和网络免受外来的攻击。SmoothWall Express基于Linux操作系统。对安全系统而言Linux是一个理想的选择,它是可信赖的、安全的、具有高度可定制性并可免费获得其开放源码。 SmoothWall包含一套经过加固的GNU/Linux操作系统,因此,无需再单个地安装其他系统。SmoothWall被设计为易于使用,并通过基于web的图形用户界面来进行配置。它并不要求用户具有Linux方面的知识就能安装和使用。


• SmoothWall Express 3.0 Installation Guide (2007)
• SmoothWall Express 3.0 Administrator Guide (2007)


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