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The Open Service Oriented Architecture collaboration is currently working on a series of specifications that are made available to the industry on a Royalty Free licensing basis. This site is the focal point both for completed specifications, and for early draft specifications where we seek community feedback.

The Industry Partners are currently working on two main projects:

• Service Component Architecture (SCA)
• Service Data Objects (SDO)


• Introducing SCA
• OASIS SCA Tutorial Part 1
• OASIS SCA Tutorial Part 2

SCA Specifications v1.0

• SCA服务构件架构: 装配模型规范
• SCA服务构件架构: Java构件实现规范
• SCA服务构件架构: Java通用注解和API规范
• SCA Assembly Model V1.00
• SCA Policy Framework V1.00
• SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.00
• SCA Java Component Implementation V1.00
• SCA Spring Component Implementation V1.00
• SCA BPEL Client and Implementation V1.00
• SCA C++ Client and Implementation V1.00
• SCA Web Services Binding V1.00
• SCA JMS Binding V1.00
• SCA EJB Session Bean Binding V1.00

SCO Specifications v1.0

• SDO for Java Specification V2.1
• SDO for C++ Specification V2.1