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StartCom Enterprise Linux, which is based on the Red Hat AS source code, is the ultimate solution for middle-size servers to large data centres. The current version supports the largest commodity-architecture servers with up to 16 CPUs and 64GB (on x86 systems) of main memory, Global File System - for highly scalable, high performance data sharing in multi-system configurations. Included in this distribution is a comprehensive collection of open source server applications like mail, file (SMB/NFS), DNS, web, FTP, and a complete desktop environment.

StartCom Enterprise Linux基于Red Hat Advanced Server源代码,这是中型服务器到大型数据中心的最终解决方案。当前版本最大可支持拥有16个CPU及64GB(x86系统上)主内存的商用体系结构服务器,并支持多系统配置下面向高扩展度和高性能数据共享的Global File System。该发行还广泛地包纳了开源服务器应用,例如mail、file(SMB/NFS)、DNS、web、FTP,以及一套完整的桌面环境。


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