post-revprop-change — Notification of a successful revision property change.


The post-revprop-change hook is run immediately after to the modification of a revision property when performed outside the scope of a normal commit. As can be derived from the description of its counterpart, the pre-revprop-change hook, this hook will not run at all unless the pre-revprop-change hook is implemented. It is typically used to send email notification of the property change.

The output from and exit value returned by the post-revprop-change hook program are ignored.

Input Parameter(s)

The command-line arguments passed to the hook program, in order, are:

  1. repository path

  2. revision whose property was modified

  3. authenticated username of the person making the change

  4. name of the property changed

  5. change description: A (added), D (deleted), or M (modified)

Additionally, Subversion passes to the hook program via standard input the previous value of the property.

Common Uses

propchange notification