svn add


svn add — Add files, directories, or symbolic links.


svn add PATH...


Add files, directories, or symbolic links to your working copy and schedule them for addition to the repository. They will be uploaded and added to the repository on your next commit. If you add something and change your mind before committing, you can unschedule the addition using svn revert.

Alternate Names



Working Copy

Accesses Repository



--targets FILENAME
--non-recursive (-N)
--quiet (-q)
--config-dir DIR


To add a file to your working copy:

$ svn add foo.c 
A         foo.c

When adding a directory, the default behavior of svn add is to recurse:

$ svn add testdir
A         testdir
A         testdir/a
A         testdir/b
A         testdir/c
A         testdir/d

You can add a directory without adding its contents:

$ svn add --non-recursive otherdir
A         otherdir

Normally, the command svn add * will skip over any directories that are already under version control. Sometimes, however, you may want to add every unversioned object in your working copy, including those hiding deeper down. Passing the --force option makes svn add recurse into versioned directories:

$ svn add * --force
A         foo.c
A         somedir/bar.c
A         otherdir/docs/baz.doc