svnlook changed


svnlook changed — Print the paths that were changed.


svnlook changed REPOS_PATH


Print the paths that were changed in a particular revision or transaction, as well as “svn update-style” status letters in the first two columns:

'A '

Item added to repository.

'D '

Item deleted from repository.

'U '

File contents changed.


Properties of item changed.


File contents and properties changed.

Files and directories can be distinguished, as directory paths are displayed with a trailing '/' character.


--revision (-r) REV
--transaction (-t)


This shows a list of all the changed files in revision 39 of a test repository:

$ svnlook changed -r 39 /usr/local/svn/repos
A   trunk/vendors/deli/
A   trunk/vendors/deli/chips.txt
A   trunk/vendors/deli/sandwich.txt
A   trunk/vendors/deli/pickle.txt
U   trunk/vendors/baker/bagel.txt
_U  trunk/vendors/baker/croissant.txt
UU  trunk/vendors/baker/pretzel.txt
D   trunk/vendors/baker/baguette.txt