svnversion — Summarize the local revision(s) of a working copy.


svnversion [OPTIONS] [WC_PATH [TRAIL_URL]]


svnversion is a program for summarizing the revision mixture of a working copy. The resultant revision number, or revision range, is written to standard output.

TRAIL_URL, if present, is the trailing portion of the URL used to determine if WC_PATH itself is switched (detection of switches within WC_PATH does not rely on TRAIL_URL).

When WC_PATH is not defined the current directory will be used as the working copy path. TRAIL_URL cannot be defined if WC_PATH is not explicitly given.


Like svnserve, svnversion has no subcommands, it only has switches.

--no-newline (-n)

Omit the usual trailing newline from the output.

--committed (-c)

Use the last-changed revisions rather than the current (i.e., highest locally available) revisions.

--help (-h)

Print a help summary.


Print the version of svnversion and exit with no error.


If the working copy is all at the same revision (for example, immediately after an update), then that revision is printed out:

$ svnversion

You can add TRAIL_URL to show that the working copy is not switched from what you expect. Note that the WC_PATH was required in this command:

$ svnversion . /repos/svn/trunk

For a mixed-revision working copy, the range of revisions present is printed:

$ svnversion

If the working copy contains modifications, a trailing "M" is added:

$ svnversion

If the working copy is switched, a trailing "S" is added:

$ svnversion

Thus, here is a mixed-revision, switched working copy containing some local modifications:

$ svnversion

If invoked on a directory that is not a working copy, svnversion assumes it is an exported working copy and prints "exported":

$ svnversion