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Swecha LiveCD is a Debian-based Linux distribution localised into Telugu, one of the official languages of India. Common tasks such as writing and printing documents, browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, chatting and editing graphics can all be accomplished in Telugu directly from the live CD. The system also contains a Telugu text-to-speech software integrated with the desktop; this makes it possible for even illiterate persons to use the operating system, access the Internet, read documents, etc. While Swecha LiveCD can be run directly from the CD, an option to install it to a hard disk is also provided.

Swecha LiveCD是基于Debian的Linux发行,它被本地化为泰卢固语,这是印度的官方语言之一。日常任务,诸如编写及打印文档、浏览网页、收发电子邮件、聊天、图形处理,都能以泰卢固语直接从这张自启动运行光盘来完成。该系统还包含了集成于桌面的泰卢固语文本到语音转换软件,这使得即便是不识字的人们也可以使用该操作系统、访问Internet、阅读文档等等。Swecha LiveCD可直接从光盘运行,它也提供安装到硬盘的选项。


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