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Options list within PKG files

An options list is used to display a list of options to the user. The user may select which options they require and the options they select will usually control the installation of optional components later on in the SIS file. The syntax of the options-list is as follows:

    !({"Option string language 1",...},...)

For example:

!({"Add-on 1 (20KB)"},{"Add-on 2 (75KB)"},
  {"Add-on 3 (80KB)"},{"Add-on 4 (20KB)"}) 

The user's selections affect the values of special built-in attributes (option1, option2, option3, ...). If the user selects option 1 (in this case: Add-on 1 (20KB)), then the value of the option1 attribute will be changed from 0 to 1. condition-block items/statements that follow the options-list may test and act upon the user's selections. For example:

IF option1

Note that option<n> attributes behave as global variables, which is significant if there is an options-list both in a main SIS file and an embedded-SIS file.