T2 System Development Environment

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T2 is an open source system development environment (or distribution build kit if you are more familiar with that term). T2 allows the creation of custom distributions with bleeding edge technology. Currently, the Linux kernel is normally used - but we are expanding to Hurd, OpenDarwin and OpenBSD; more to come. T2 started as a community driven fork from the ROCK Linux Project with the aim to create a decentralised development and a clean framework for spin-off projects and customised distributions.

T2是一份开源系统开发环境(或称为发行创建工具集)。T2采用最新的技术创建定制的发行。目前通常采用的内核是Linux,但我们正在向Hurd、 OpenDarwin及OpenBSD拓展,并且会包括更多。T2最初是作为ROCK Linux Project的一份社区推动的分支而开始的,其目标是创建一种分布式开发,以及一套面向副产品项目及定制的发行的清晰框架。


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