Talend - Open source ETL, Open Source Data Integration

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Talend Open Studio is an Open Source project for data integration based on Eclipse RCP

Talend Open Studio operates as a code generator allowing data transformation scripts and underlying programs to be generated either in Perl (since v1.0) or in Java (since v2.0). Its GUI is made of a metadata repository and a graphical designer. The jobs are designed using graphical components, for transformation, connectivity, or other operations. The threads created can be executed from within the studio or as standalone scripts.

Talend Open Studio is distributed under GPLv2. Since late 2006, Talend is a technology partner of JasperSoft and MySQL. In January 2007, Talend joined the ObjectWeb Consortium and co-founded the Open Solutions Alliance.


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• http://www.talend.com
• http://www.talendforge.org/
• Talend开源百科
• http://download.huihoo.com/talend/