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TA-Linux is a free Linux distribution that targets Linux power users. Its main goal is to have a small base installation that the end-users can expand to include the software they need. The secondary goal is to support as many different architectures as possible, at this time x86 is fully supported with Alpha, Sparc, PPC and PA-RISC around the corner. Extra software not included in the base is handled using a system resembling the *BSD ports system, called Collection, which handles installation, upgrading and dependencies. The primary way of installing new software is to download the source, compile and install it (totaly automatic). The user can also choose to install already built binary packages, also automaticaly using the Collection system.

TA-Linux是一份免费的Linux发行,它面向Linux高级用户。TA-Linux的主要目标在于拥有一份小体积的基础安装,最终用户可以在此基础上进一步扩充他需要的软件。其第二个目标在于尽可能多地支持不同的体系结构,目前x86被完全地支持,此外还有Alpha、Sparc、PPC和PA- RISC等。在基础部分中没有包含额外的软件,这是靠类似于*BSD的ports系统来完成的,名叫Collection。Collection能执行安装、升级及依赖关系检查。安装新软件的主要方式是下载源代码,编译然后安装,这一切都自动完成。用户也可以选择从已经编译好的二进制代码进行安装,这同样能通过Collection系统自动完成。


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