eval - Evaluate a Tcl script


eval arg ?arg ...?


Eval takes one or more arguments, which together comprise a Tcl script containing one or more commands. Eval concatenates all its arguments in the same fashion as the concat command, passes the concatenated string to the Tcl interpreter recursively, and returns the result of that evaluation (or any error generated by it). Note that the list command quotes sequences of words in such a way that they are not further expanded by the eval command.


This procedure acts in a way that is analogous to the lappend command, except it inserts the argument values at the start of the list in the variable:
proc lprepend {varName args} {
   upvar 1 $varName var
   # Ensure that the variable exists and contains a list
   lappend var
   # Now we insert all the arguments in one go
   set var [eval [list linsert $var 0] $args]


concatenate, evaluate, script


catch, concat, error, list, subst, tclvars
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