Tk_CollapseMotionEvents, Tk_QueueWindowEvent - Add a window event to the Tcl event queue


#include <tk.h>
Tk_CollapseMotionEvents(display, collapse)
Tk_QueueWindowEvent(eventPtr, position)


Display *display (in)
Display for which to control motion event collapsing.

int collapse (in)
Indicates whether motion events should be collapsed or not.

XEvent *eventPtr (in)
An event to add to the event queue.

Tcl_QueuePosition position (in)
Where to add the new event in the queue: TCL_QUEUE_TAIL, TCL_QUEUE_HEAD, or TCL_QUEUE_MARK.


Tk_QueueWindowEvent places a window event on Tcl's internal event queue for eventual servicing. It creates a Tcl_Event structure, copies the event into that structure, and calls Tcl_QueueEvent to add the event to the queue. When the event is eventually removed from the queue it is processed just like all window events.

When multiple motion events are received for the same window in rapid succession, they are collapsed by default. This behavior can be controlled with Tk_CollapseMotionEvents. Tk_CollapseMotionEvents always returns the previous value for collapse behavior on the display.

The position argument to Tk_QueueWindowEvent has the same significance as for Tcl_QueueEvent; see the documentation for Tcl_QueueEvent for details.


callback, clock, handler, modal timeout, events
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