TEENpup Linux

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TEENpup Linux is a distribution based on Puppy Linux. Although the original concept was to create a flavour of Puppy Linux with more applications and a more appealing desktop aimed at teenage users, TEENpup Linux has now grown to become a general purpose distribution. It comes with a large number of applications, browser plugins and media codecs as standard software. Despite these enhancements TEENpup Linux is still perfectly suitable for installation on older and low-resource computers, as well as modern hardware.

TEENpup Linux是一份基于Puppy Linux的发行。尽管其最初的定位是创建一份带有更多应用软件和更吸引人的桌面以面向十来岁年龄段用户的风味型Puppy Linux,TEENpup Linux现在已经成长为一份通用目标发行。它带有大量的应用程序、浏览器插件、多媒体编解码器来作为标准软件。尽管引入了这些改进,TEENpup Linux仍然极其适合在老旧和低配置计算机上安装,当然也适合更现代化的硬件。


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