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TFM Linux is a Linux operating system that can be used for small enterprises, whose administrators are not so experienced in Linux. It all began a long time ago with a Red Hat distribution, whose packages were very low on security, so that less than 5 % of these were kept and the rest was replaced with alternate Red Hat packages which proved to be more stable. That's the way the TFM Linux idea was born. The simplest method at that time was the adaptation of Red Hat distribution to the needs previously specified. So in March 2001 TFM Linux 1.0 was launched. An easy to install operating system, easy to use as server edition or workstation and adapted for the user's needs. All the knowledge gathered during all this time, allowed the observation of the modified Red Hat distribution limits, and, as future plan, it was established that the next version of the distribution will be done starting from zero, for having complete control to what is happening in the distribution and the packages interactions.

TFM Linux是一份罗马尼亚人开发的基于Red Hat Linux的发行,其出发点是使服务器用户和桌面用户都能满意。我们的目标是创建一份对用户友好的发行。


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