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Thinstation is a modern thin client that does work on its own for basic operations like web browsing, managing removable media and printers, but rely on servers for major applications as well as administration of the clients. The clients may be diskless or boot from local media. Thinstation works as a client using X, ICA, RDP, SSH, NX, telnet, tn5250 and other protocols and works on standard PC hardware.

Thinstation是一套时髦的瘦终端,它以自己的方式执行基本操作,例如网页浏览、管理移动介质及打印机,但它依赖于服务器来完成主要应用以及对终端的管理。这些终端可以是无盘的或者是从本地介质启动的。Thinstation作为客户端运行,它带有X、ICA、RDP、SSH、NX、 telnet、tn5250以及其他协议支持,并工作于标准的PC硬件之上。


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