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tinysofa enterprise server is a secure server targeted enterprise grade operating system. The 1.x tree is based on Trustix Secure Linux. The 2.x tree is based on Fedora Core, with ideas from SUSE and Conectiva. It is Linux 2.6 based, with a fully functional SELinux infrastructure. It features a small installation size, APT as an advanced package management tool, secure defaults and services, a turn key ASP.NET server solution, PostgreSQL replication, and much more.

tinysofa enterprise server是一份面向服务器的Linux发行,它基于Trustix Secure Linux。主要的新特性包括:基于python 2.3及rpm 4.2包管理的完整发行,一份采用pam进行检查的认证系统并能提供系统认证配置,最新的软件包,取代ncftp的lftp,对gdb及screen的引入,对swup更新程序新增的特性(提供对多配置文件的支持),用户登陆FTP支持,使能/禁止支持,可变扩展支持(允许多架构),以及很多其他的增强。


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