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Trisquel GNU/Linux is a 100% free Debian-based Linux distribution with support for the Galician language. Its main purpose is to provide an operating system for varied audience, including home and office users, educational institutions, multimedia workstations, etc. Trisquel GNU/Linux consists of three editions: "Trisguel" (a GNOME-based distribution for home users), "Trisguel PeME" (a GNOME-based distribution optimised for office use) and "Triskel" (a general purpose KDE-based distribution). The project is developed by the Universidad de Vigo and sponsored by the Council for Innovation and Industry of the regional government of Galicia, Spain.

Trisquel GNU/Linux是基于Debian的100%自由的Linux发行,它支持加利西亚语。其主要目标在于面向各种用户提供一份操作系统,包括家庭和办公用户、教育机构、多媒体工作站等等。Trisquel GNU/Linux包含三个版本:Trisguel(一份基于GNOME的面向家庭用户的发行)、Trisguel PeME(基于GNOME的为办公应用优化的发行)、Triskel(一份通用的基于KDE的发行)。该项目由Universidad de Vigo开发,并受到西班牙加利西亚省地方政府工业创新理事会的赞助。


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