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Turbolinux distributions are designed from the ground-up specifically for enterprise computing. Turbolinux 7 Server was the first-ever to conform to Internationalization standards to help simplify development of applications that require multiple language support - a critical requirement for software distributed globally. Turbolinux 7 Server also supports the Large File Support (LFS) standard for working with applications that manage or handle up to four terabytes of data - a common requirement for infrastructures serving Fortune 500 and larger companies. Such industrial-strength environments provide the basis upon which PowerCockpit and other Turbolinux innovations were created.

Turbolinux从一开始就是专门为企业计算场合而设计的。Turbolinux 7 Server是有史以来首个符合国际化标准的发行,该标准是为了使那些需要支持多语种的应用开发得以简化,而这又是为了使软件全球化的一项苛刻要求。 Turbolinux 7 Server也符合大文件支持(LFS)标准,该标准要求软件能管理和处理最大达4T字节的数据,而这又是那些为财富500强及更大的公司所服务的基础设施的一项基本要求。以这种具有业界实力的环境作为基础,诞生了PowerCockpit和其他Turbolinux的创新。


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