MIME Types

TUX supports three types of MIME types starting with version 2.0.13 and kernel patch 2.4.2-P3. They are defined in /etc/tux.mime.types.

Table 3-4. MIME Types

MIME TypeFile ExtensionDescription
TUX/redirectpl phpAll extensions listed after TUX/redirect will be redirected to the secondary server.
TUX/CGIcgi plAll extensions listed after TUX/CGI will be handled by the TUX CGI engine directly.
TUX/moduletux xAll extensions listed after TUX/module will be handled by TUX userspace modules.

The TUX/redirect MIME type will redirect all requests to files ending in .pl or .php to Apache, without having to check for file permissions.

The TUX/CGI MIME type specify scripts that should be located in the $DOCROOT/cgi-bin directory, or the directory specified by the cgiroot parameter. Refer to the Section called Parameters for details.

Refer to Chapter 5 for details about the TUX/module MIME type.