Ulteo Application System

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Ulteo Application System (Ulteo AS) is a Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created by Gaël Duval, the original founder of Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva Linux) and co-founder of MandrakeSoft (now Mandriva). It is a hybrid, network-oriented and mostly automatic computing system that ships with hundreds of applications and innovative features. The basic version of the Ulteo AS provides a choice of applications for daily use, such as Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, etc., but can be easily extended with a set of applications from the Ulteo panel. It also provides document and panel content synchronisation capabilities between a local installation of Ulteo AS and Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop.

Ulteo Application System(Ulteo AS)是一份基于Debian/Ubuntu的由Gaël Duval创建的Linux发行,他是Mandrake Linux(现今的Mandriva Linux)创始人及MandrakeSoft(现今的Mandriva)公司的合伙创始人。这是一份混合式的、面向网络的、总体上自动化的计算系统,它包含了成百上千的应用软件和新特性。Ulteo AS基础版提供日常应用软件,例如Firefox、Thunderbird、OpenOffice.org等,并可容易地从Ulteo面板扩展以其他工具。它还在本地Ulteo AS安装和Ulteo Online Desktop之间提供文档及面板内容的同步功能。


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