Ultima Linux

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Ultima Linux is a Slackware-compatible Linux distribution available for Intel and AMD-based personal computers. Although first intended as a lightweight, techie-oriented desktop system when development began in November 2004, Ultima has since evolved into a highly stable distribution supporting both desktop and server capabilities. Ultima Linux is built around the K Desktop Environment (KDE), and includes many popular applications such as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, the OpenOffice.org office suite, the GIMP image editor, MPlayer and Xine media players, and many others. It borrows Slackware's TGZ package format, and can be extended with additional software from a public repository, or various third-party sites.

Ultima Linux是与Slackware兼容的Linux发行,它面向Intel和AMD处理器的个人电脑。尽管2004年11月该项目开始时它的定位是轻量级、面向熟练技术人员的桌面系统,Ultima之后却演化为一份高稳定且既支持桌面又提供服务器性能的发行。Ultima Linux采用K桌面环境(KDE),包含很多流行应用软件如Mozilla Firefox、Thunderbird、OpenOffice.org办公套件、GIMP图像编辑器、MPlayer及Xine媒体播放器,以及很多其他软件。它采用了Slackware的TGZ软件包格式,可以从公共软件仓库或各种第三方网站来扩展额外的软件。


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