Ultimate Edition

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Ultimate Edition, first released in December 2006, is a fork of Ubuntu. The goal of the project is to create a complete, seamlessly integrated, visually stimulating, and easy-to-install operating system. Single-button upgrade is one of several special characteristics of this distribution. Other main features include custom desktop and theme with 3D effects, support for a wide range of networking options, including WiFi and Bluetooth, and integration of many extra applications and package repositories.

Ultimate Edition最初发布于2006年十二月,它源自Ubuntu。该项目的目标是创建一份完整的、无缝集成的、视觉上给人震撼的、易于安装的操作系统。该发行的特性之一是单键升级。其他特性则包括以3D效果定制桌面和主题、对网络选项的广泛支持、包含WiFi和蓝牙、对很多额外应用软件和包仓库的集成。


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