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Userful Desktop is a complete Linux operating system pre-integrated with a suite of public computer management software and Userful's 10-to-1 desktop advantage. With Userful Desktop and sufficient video cards, mice and keyboards, up to ten users can independently browse the Internet, send email and run a wide variety of productivity software all from one computer box. Built on Red Hat's Fedora Core, Userful Desktop is a robust, multi-user desktop computing platform that can be customised to address a wide variety of public computing applications.

Userful Desktop是一份完整的Linux操作系统,它预先集成了一套公众计算机管理软件以及Userful公司的10-to-1桌面优势(该技术可使十位桌面用户同时分享一台电脑的物理资源)。依赖于Userful Desktop以及足够的视频显示卡、鼠标、键盘,最多可达十位的用户能独立地浏览Internet,发送电子邮件,以及运行范围广阔的事务软件,而这一切只基于一台计算机。Userful Desktop基于Red Hat的Fedora Core创建,它是一份强健的、多用户桌面计算平台,并能被定制为支持形形色色的公众计算应用。


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