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Ututo GNU/Linux is a CD-based Linux distribution developed by Diego Saravia at the Universidad Nacional de Salta in Argentina and based on Gentoo Linux. Ututo is named after a fidgety local lizard that pokes its nose into every hole and is never at rest. UTUTO-e is a high performance desktop system based on Gentoo Linux (the "e" stands "escritorio", or "desktop" in Spanish) designed to be used by home/office users, developers, organisations and government users. Ututo is based exclusively on Free/Libre Software.

Ututo GNU/Linux是一份基于光盘的Linux发行,它基于Gentoo Linux,由阿根廷Universidad Nacional de Salta的Diego Saravia开发。Ututo这个名字来自当地一种性情烦躁的蜥蜴,这种蜥蜴无休止地把它的鼻子在所有的孔洞上戳来戳去。UTUTO-e是一份基于 Gentoo Linux的高性能桌面系统(e代表escritorio,是西班牙语桌面的意思),它面向家庭及办公室用户、开发人员、团体及政府用户。Ututo排它地采用Free/Libre软件。


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