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Vine Linux is a supreme Linux distribution with integrated Japanese environment for desktop PCs and notebooks. Project Vine was founded by six members of the Project Japanese Extension (JPE) in 1998 and has been developing Vine Linux with help of many members and volunteers. Vine Seed, the development version of Vine Linux, is a public software repository, which all developers are welcome to join and contribute to. Out of the box Kanji support is available throughout most applications and Japanese input support is provided by either the FreeWnn (or Wnn6 in the Commercial CR version) or the Canna input server.

Vine Linux是一套集成了日语环境的Linux发行,它适用于桌面个人电脑和笔记本电脑。Vine项目由JPE(日语扩展计划)的六位成员于1998年创立,依靠许许多多的成员和志愿者的帮助,Vine Linux的发展得到了推进。Vine Linux的开发版叫Vine Seed,它向公众开放,所有的开发人员都被欢迎加入进来并贡献他们的成果。大多数的应用程序都提供对Kanji字典的支持。日文输入支持则由 FreeWnn(在商业CR版中是Wnn6)或者Canna输入服务器来提供。


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