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vlibTemplate is a template engine written in PHP. Programmers and web developers may use it for web development. vlibTemplate is a PHP class that is intended to make splitting PHP from HTML a simple and natural task. It makes use of the following vlibTemplate markup tags (like html tags); {tmpl_var}, {tmpl_loop} and so on.

The file written with these style tags is called a template. A template can be an HTML file to use on the web, or perhaps a text file to use as an e-mail template... as you can guess there are many many possibilities. The template file is always separate from the PHP script that uses it, that way, a designer for example can change the template file without having to go through all of the php coding, thus saving the developer having to worry about it.

Using this class you set the values for the variables, loops, if statements, etc. which are declared in the template. This enables you to separate all of the design from the data, which you create using PHP.

vlibTemplate is a part of vLIB. It has an interface to vlibDate and vlibMimeMail. You can program powerful web applications with vLIB.



• http://vlib.clausvb.de/
• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VlibTemplate
• http://download.huihoo.com/vlibtemplate/