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Utilities and libraries supplied with wxWidgets

In addition to the core wxWidgets library, a number of further libraries and utilities are supplied with each distribution.

Some are under the 'contrib' hierarchy which mirrors the structure of the main wxWidgets hierarchy. See also the 'utils' hierarchy. The first place to look for documentation about these tools and libraries is under the wxWidgets 'docs' hierarchy, for example docs/htmlhelp/fl.chm.

For other user-contributed packages, please see the Contributions page on the wxWidgets Web site.

Helpview is a program for displaying wxWidgets HTML Help files. In many cases, you may wish to use the wxWidgets HTML Help classes from within your application, but this provides a handy stand-alone viewer. See wxHTML Notes for more details. You can find it in samples/html/helpview.
Supplied with wxWidgets is a utility called Tex2RTF for converting LaTeX manuals HTML, MS HTML Help, wxHTML Help, RTF, and Windows Help RTF formats. Tex2RTF is used for the wxWidgets manuals and can be used independently by authors wishing to create on-line and printed manuals from the same LaTeX source. Please see the separate documentation for Tex2RTF. You can find it under utils/tex2rtf.
Helpgen takes C++ header files and generates a Tex2RTF-compatible documentation file for each class it finds, using comments as appropriate. This is a good way to start a reference for a set of classes. Helpgen can be found in utils/HelpGen.
Xnest-based display emulator for X11-based PDA applications. On some systems, the Xnest window does not synchronise with the 'skin' window. This program can be found in utils/emulator.
XRC resource system
This is the sizer-aware resource system, and uses XML-based resource specifications that can be generated by tools such as wxDesigner. You can find this in src/xrc, include/wx/xrc, samples/xrc. For more information, see the XML-based resource system overview.
Object Graphics Library
OGL defines an API for applications that need to display objects connected by lines. The objects can be moved around and interacted with. You can find this in contrib/src/ogl, contrib/include/wx/ogl, and contrib/samples/ogl.
Frame Layout library
FL provides sophisticated pane dragging and docking facilities. You can find this in contrib/src/fl, contrib/include/wx/fl, and contrib/samples/fl.
Gizmos library
Gizmos is a collection of useful widgets and other classes. Classes include wxLEDNumberCtrl, wxEditableListBox, wxMultiCellCanvas. You can find this in contrib/src/gizmos, contrib/include/wx/gizmos, and contrib/samples/gizmos.
Net library
Net is a collection of very simple mail and web related classes. Currently there is only wxEmail, which makes it easy to send email messages via MAPI on Windows or sendmail on Unix. You can find this in contrib/src/net and contrib/include/wx/net.
Animate library
Animate allows you to load animated GIFs and play them on a window. The library can be extended to use other animation formats. You can find this in contrib/src/animate, contrib/include/wx/animate, and contrib/samples/animate.
MMedia library
Mmedia supports a variety of multimedia functionality. The status of this library is currently unclear. You can find this in contrib/src/mmedia, contrib/include/wx/mmedia, and contrib/samples/mmedia.
Styled Text Control library
STC is a wrapper around Scintilla, a syntax-highlighting text editor. You can find this in contrib/src/stc, contrib/include/wx/stc, and contrib/samples/stc.
Plot is a simple curve plotting library. You can find this in contrib/src/plot, contrib/include/wx/plot, and contrib/samples/plot.