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This class is used for a variety of menu-related events. Note that these do not include menu command events, which are handled using wxCommandEvent objects.

The default handler for wxEVT_MENU_HIGHLIGHT displays help text in the first field of the status bar.

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Event table macros

To process a menu event, use these event handler macros to direct input to member functions that take a wxMenuEvent argument. They can only be processed by a menubar's frame.

EVT_MENU_OPEN(func) A menu is about to be opened. On Windows, this is only sent once for each navigation of the menubar (up until all menus have closed).
EVT_MENU_CLOSE(func) A menu has been just closed.
EVT_MENU_HIGHLIGHT(id, func) The menu item with the specified id has been highlighted: used to show help prompts in the status bar by wxFrame
EVT_MENU_HIGHLIGHT_ALL(func) A menu item has been highlighted, i.e. the currently selected menu item has changed.

See also

Command events,
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wxMenuEvent(WXTYPE id = 0, int id = 0, wxMenu* menu = NULL)



wxMenu * GetMenu() const

Returns the menu which is being opened or closed. This method should only be used with the OPEN and CLOSE events and even for them the returned pointer may be NULL in some ports.


int GetMenuId() const

Returns the menu identifier associated with the event. This method should be only used with the HIGHLIGHT events.


bool IsPopup() const

Returns true if the menu which is being opened or closed is a popup menu, false if it is a normal one.

This method should only be used with the OPEN and CLOSE events.