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YES Linux is an idea started by Arthur Copeland, CEO of The idea was to build a low cost suite of products and services that could enable a Mom and Pop Store (MaPs) to quickly and easily build an internet presence. It was understood that not all MaPs need to have an internet presence, thus the suite would also have to work while not being connected to the internet. To the MaPs, it should be transparent. Thus, YourESale was born... and the rest is history. MaPs - MaPs are defined as companies that have between 1 and 20 employees or total gross revenue of less than $200,000.00 per year.

YourESale来自Saphari.com首席执行官Arthur Copeland的一个想法,他希望创建一份低开销的产品服务套件,以使小型公司能快捷方便地建造一个联网站点。当然,并非所有的小型公司都需要出现在互联网络上,因此这份套件在没有网络连接的情况下也必须能工作。对小型公司而言,这份套件最好能简明易用。这样,YourESale就诞生了,剩下的就是其发展史了。对了,我们指的小型公司是拥有1到20名雇员,或者年收入总额不到二十万美元的公司。


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