JBI Support deprecated in Apache ServiceMix 4

JBI 1.0 support is available in Apache ServiceMix 4 to allow existing users to migrate more easily to this latest version - if you're a new user, you should consider JBI deprecated and not use it for your project. Take a look at our technology selection guidelines for more information.



The ServiceMix OSWorkflow component provides workflow functionality to the ESB. You can specify one or more workflows and it's processing will start when a valid message is received.

Namespace and xbean.xml

The namespace URI for the servicemix-bean JBI component is http://servicemix.apache.org/osworkflow/1.0. This is an example of an xbean.xml file with a namespace definition with prefix bean.

<beans xmlns:osworkflow="http://servicemix.apache.org/osworkflow/1.0">

  <!-- add osworkflow:endpoint here -->


Endpoint types

The servicemix-osworkflow component defines a single endpoint type:

  • osworkflow:endpoint :: The endpoint will receive messages from the NMR and will then start the processing of the workflow.


Endpoint properties

Property Name Type Description
action int The initial action to trigger in the workflow.
caller java.lang.String The caller user name to be used when executing the workflow.
endpoint java.lang.String The name of the endpoint.
interfaceName javax.xml.namespace.QName The qualified name of the interface exposed by the endpoint.
service javax.xml.namespace.QName The qualified name of the service the endpoint exposes.
workflowName java.lang.String The name of the workflow to be used for handling the exchange.