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Impatient? Try our Bootstrap Tutorial and the MailReader Tour.

Apache Struts 2 is an elegant, extensible framework for building enterprise-ready Java web applications. Distributions of Struts 2 are available as a free download under the Apache License.

Getting Started

The documentation is grouped into three areas.

Tutorials Our tutorials are designed to help you get started with the framework ASAP. We offer an all-purpose "Bootstrap" tutorial as well as specialty tutorials on portlets and database access.
Guides Our in-depth guides focus on specific components of the framework, such as the Core framework, Struts Tags, and optional Extensions, as well as migrating from Struts 1 or WebWork 2.
FAQs Our FAQs provide a wide range of rapid-fire "HOWTOs" in question-and-answer format.

An overview of all three areas is available.

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