for GLib 2.6.2

Table of Contents

I. API Reference
GType - The GLib Runtime type identification and management system
GTypePlugin - An interface for dynamically loadable types
GTypeModule - Type loading modules
GObject - The base object type
Enums and Flags - Enumeration and flags types
GBoxed - A mechanism to wrap opaque C structures registered by the type system
Generic Values - A polymorphic type that can hold values of any other type
Parameters and Values - Standard Parameter and Value Types
Varargs Value Collection - Converting varargs to generic values
GParamSpec - Metadata for parameter specifications
Signals - A means for customization of object behaviour and a general purpose notification mechanism
Closures - Functions as first-class objects
Value arrays - A container structure to maintain an array of generic values
II. Tools Reference
glib-mkenums - C language enum description generation utility
glib-genmarshal - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
gobject-query - display a tree of types
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.2
Index of new symbols in 2.4
Index of new symbols in 2.6