Compiling Asterisk

Configure with ./configure -with-imap=/usr/src/imap or wherever you built the UWashington IMAP Toolkit. This directory will be searched for a source installation. If no source installation is found there, then a package installation of the IMAP c-client will be searched for in this directory. If one is not found, then configure will fail.

A second configure option is to not specify a directory (i.e. ./configure -with-imap). This will assume that you have the imap-2007e source installed in the ../imap directory relative to the Asterisk source. If you do not have this source, then configure will default to the "system" option defined in the next paragraph

A third option is ./configure -with-imap=system. This will assume that you have installed a dynamically linked version of the c-client library (most likely via a package provided by your distro). This will attempt to link agains -lc-client and will search for c-client headers in your include path starting with the imap directory, and upon failure, in the c-client directory.

When you run 'make menuselect', choose 'Voicemail Build Options' and the IMAP_STORAGE option should be available for selection.

After selecting the IMAP_STORAGE option, use the 'x' key to exit menuselect and save your changes, and the build/install Asterisk normally.

lmadsen 2010-01-14