Using OpenDarwin CVS

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Table of Contents

OpenDarwin CVS Access
Darwin Source
Anonymous CVS access to OpenDarwin

OpenDarwin CVS Access

The OpenDarwin sources and this web site are available via CVS. There are a variety of ways to get your paws on these bits:

Darwin Source

CVS only contains projects that are being actively developed at OpenDarwin. For the latest complete set of Darwin bits from Apple, download the tar.gz sources from


If you just want to browse the source, the CVS repository is available through the web with CVSWeb, available at

Anonymous CVS access to OpenDarwin

The Open Darwin sources are available via anonymous CVS access using CVS' pserver protocol. To get the sources, you'll need to set your CVSROOT environment variable to :pserver:[email protected]:/Volumes/src/cvs/od

For example, if you're using (t)csh, you can set the CVSROOT environment variable with the following command:

setenv CVSROOT :pserver:[email protected]:/Volumes/src/cvs/od

If you're using zsh, bash, or another Bourne-like shell, you can use the following:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:[email protected]:/Volumes/src/cvs/od


Instead of cvs one can use cvsup to grab the sources from the OpenDarwin repository. The following collections are available from

  • cvs-all - entire cvs repository

  • src-all - src/ directory

  • dports-all - DarwinPorts Portfile tree

  • www-all - OpenDarwin web directory


Finally, you can get access to the raw CVS comma-v files via anonymous rsync: