Debian New Maintainers' Guide


If you are not yet Debian Developer and asking your sponsor to upload your package after his package review, you should make package as easy as possible for him to review.


Currently, I would suggest customizing your system by setting /var/cache/pbuilder/result/ directory writable by the user and setting ~/.pbuilderrc or /etc/pbuilderrc to include


This will allow you to sign generated packages with your secret GPG key under ~/.gnupg/. Since the pbuilder package is still evolving, you have to check the actual configuration situation by consulting the latest official documentation.


See Alternatively, you may use dcut command from the dput package.


Please make your package properly updates the config file upon upgrades using well designed postinst etc., so that it doesn't do things not wanted by the user! These are the enhancements that explain why people choose Debian.

When the upgrade is necessarily intrusive (eg., config files scattered through various home directories with totally different structure), you may consider to set package to the safe default (e.g., disabled service) and provide proper documentations required by the policy (README.Debian and NEWS.Debian ) as the last resort. But don't bother with the debconf note.


Some people argue that, even for Debian specific packages, it is still better practice to package the contents of the debian/ directory residing in the diff.gz file, rather than in the orig.tar.gz file.

Debian New Maintainers' Guide

version 1.2.11, 12 January 2007.

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