Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Detailed Description

struct i2c_driver - represent an I2C device driver i2c device we instantiate (for detect) : Callback for bus addition (deprecated) : Callback for bus removal (deprecated) : Callback for device binding : Callback for device unbinding : Callback for device shutdown : Callback for device suspend : Callback for device resume : Alert callback, for example for the SMBus alert protocol : Callback for bus-wide signaling (optional) : Device driver model driver : List of I2C devices supported by this driver : Callback for device detection : The I2C addresses to probe (for detect) : List of detected clients we created (for i2c-core use only)

The driver.owner field should be set to the module owner of this driver. The field should be set to the name of this driver.

For automatic device detection, both and must be defined.

Definition at line 50 of file i2c.h.

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