Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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othat buffer resides in
oto page struct of DMA memory
oto flush
opage to be flushed.
oand @kdata must be mappable to a bus address according
opage in the allocation
opage index within the block
oinside the chip, must be called with (page & this->pagemask)
oaddess for page pointer array
o: inquiry page 0 buffer
oVital Product Data to return
oto page
oof a ``virtual'' representation of the encrypted lower
opage vector
olocked and will be unlocked.
ointo the
otry and free
opage that was written
othe page to be read
oan address space with data
oor NULL
ocopying the
opage in the compression block(s) we need to read
oNULL in this case.
oto the index allocation block and the mapped, locked page it
o: first page to read
obe on.
okernel page
oan LRU list, clears PageLRU and adjusts the
oTest List
oTodo List
\Deprecated List