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x509_st Struct Reference

#include <x509.h>

Public Member Functions

 STACK_OF (IPAddressFamily)*rfc3779_addr
 STACK_OF (IPAddressFamily)*rfc3779_addr

Public Attributes

int valid
int references
char * name
long ex_pathlen
long ex_pcpathlen
unsigned long ex_flags
unsigned long ex_kusage
unsigned long ex_xkusage
unsigned long ex_nscert
struct ASIdentifiers_strfc3779_asid
unsigned char sha1_hash [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 279 of file x509.h.

Member Function Documentation

x509_st::STACK_OF ( DIST_POINT  )
x509_st::STACK_OF ( DIST_POINT  )
x509_st::STACK_OF ( IPAddressFamily  )
x509_st::STACK_OF ( IPAddressFamily  )

Member Data Documentation

AUTHORITY_KEYID * x509_st::akid

Definition at line 296 of file x509.h.

X509_CERT_AUX * x509_st::aux

Definition at line 308 of file x509.h.

X509_CINF * x509_st::cert_info

Definition at line 281 of file x509.h.

CRYPTO_EX_DATA x509_st::ex_data

Definition at line 287 of file x509.h.

unsigned long x509_st::ex_flags

Definition at line 291 of file x509.h.

unsigned long x509_st::ex_kusage

Definition at line 292 of file x509.h.

unsigned long x509_st::ex_nscert

Definition at line 294 of file x509.h.

long x509_st::ex_pathlen

Definition at line 289 of file x509.h.

long x509_st::ex_pcpathlen

Definition at line 290 of file x509.h.

unsigned long x509_st::ex_xkusage

Definition at line 293 of file x509.h.

char * x509_st::name

Definition at line 286 of file x509.h.

NAME_CONSTRAINTS * x509_st::nc

Definition at line 300 of file x509.h.

X509_POLICY_CACHE * x509_st::policy_cache

Definition at line 297 of file x509.h.

int x509_st::references

Definition at line 285 of file x509.h.

struct ASIdentifiers_st * x509_st::rfc3779_asid

Definition at line 303 of file x509.h.

unsigned char x509_st::sha1_hash

Definition at line 306 of file x509.h.

X509_ALGOR * x509_st::sig_alg

Definition at line 282 of file x509.h.

ASN1_BIT_STRING * x509_st::signature

Definition at line 283 of file x509.h.

ASN1_OCTET_STRING * x509_st::skid

Definition at line 295 of file x509.h.

int x509_st::valid

Definition at line 284 of file x509.h.

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