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pg_user_mapping.h File Reference

#include "catalog/genbki.h"
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#define UserMappingRelationId   1418
#define Natts_pg_user_mapping   3
#define Anum_pg_user_mapping_umuser   1
#define Anum_pg_user_mapping_umserver   2
#define Anum_pg_user_mapping_umoptions   3


typedef FormData_pg_user_mappingForm_pg_user_mapping


 CATALOG (pg_user_mapping, 1418)



Define Documentation

#define Anum_pg_user_mapping_umoptions   3

Definition at line 55 of file pg_user_mapping.h.

Referenced by AlterUserMapping(), CreateUserMapping(), and GetUserMapping().

#define Anum_pg_user_mapping_umserver   2

Definition at line 54 of file pg_user_mapping.h.

Referenced by CreateUserMapping().

#define Anum_pg_user_mapping_umuser   1

Definition at line 53 of file pg_user_mapping.h.

Referenced by CreateUserMapping().

#define Natts_pg_user_mapping   3

Definition at line 52 of file pg_user_mapping.h.

#define UserMappingRelationId   1418

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 45 of file pg_user_mapping.h.

Function Documentation

CATALOG ( pg_user_mapping  ,

Definition at line 29 of file pg_user_mapping.h.

    Oid         umuser;         /* Id of the user, InvalidOid if PUBLIC is
                                 * wanted */
    Oid         umserver;       /* server of this mapping */

#ifdef CATALOG_VARLEN           /* variable-length fields start here */
    text        umoptions[1];   /* user mapping options */
} FormData_pg_user_mapping;

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 38 of file pg_user_mapping.h.