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plpy_elog.h File Reference

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void PLy_elog (int elevel, const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(PG_PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE
void void PLy_exception_set (PyObject *exc, const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(PG_PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE
void void void PLy_exception_set_plural (PyObject *exc, const char *fmt_singular, const char *fmt_plural, unsigned long n,...) __attribute__((format(PG_PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE
void void void __attribute__ ((format(PG_PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE, 3, 5)))


PyObject * PLy_exc_error
PyObject * PLy_exc_fatal
PyObject * PLy_exc_spi_error

Function Documentation

void void void __attribute__ ( (format(PG_PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE, 3, 5))   ) 
void PLy_elog ( int  elevel,
const char *  fmt,
void void PLy_exception_set ( PyObject *  exc,
const char *  fmt,
void void void PLy_exception_set_plural ( PyObject *  exc,
const char *  fmt_singular,
const char *  fmt_plural,
unsigned long  n,

Variable Documentation

PyObject* PLy_exc_error
PyObject* PLy_exc_fatal

Definition at line 20 of file plpy_elog.c.

Referenced by PLy_add_exceptions(), and PLy_elog().

PyObject* PLy_exc_spi_error